Sunday, 28 August 2011

Gut Week events

Well, Tuesday's event was a failure. Only my friend Heather and her son Jayden turned up, and they had driven me there. I was so disappointed. I thought the rain had kept people in but maybe it was the time of year and everyone is away for the summer. Yesterday's event went slightly better. I waited until 11.30am and no one had turned up by then, so thought that maybe no one else would by then. I was wrong. I had packed up all the things, except for the sheets of paper I'd sellotaped together, and was sorting out my receipt for the stationery I'd bought with the manager, when a woman and a little girl came in, saw the poster on the table and asked about doing the healthy living thing. I said that I was about to leave as no one had come and didn't think anyone would. So I directed them to the table with the paper on, got out the pictures of fruit and veg, gave them a glue stick and they got to work. A few minutes later a black woman with two little ones came in and I approached them and asked, would you want to do the arts and crafts and told them what it was. The oldest of the two, mabye who was four, joined the other girl, I gave her some paper and a glue stick, and the other girl shared the pictures, and they both were busy. I enjoyed watching them working. Two was better than none, which was what I thought I would have. I think next time I will do something during school term as I might get more takers. Next month is Organic Food month, so I might ask if I can do something again then. Watch this space.

Next week will be back to naturals.

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