Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies is one of my favourite natural product shops. Although their products are quite pricey, their blue glass containers are recycleable. Not only that but if you take an empty blue container back you can get 10p refund off your next purchase, which I think is a good idea. Now most of their products are in these blue glass containers but there are plastic tubes, which don't have any indication of what plastic they are made from. At the beginning of the year, in the New Year sales, I bought one of these to try. When it ran out I wasn't sure of what to do with it and wondered, could I take it back to where I got it from and ask them to get rid of it for me. Well, it wasn't until today that I finally went back there to buy an organic cotton flannel and asked. I bought my flannel then said to the lady handing it over, I had brought it back because I wanted to recycle it but didn't know what plastic it was made from so didn't know if it was recycleable or not. She replied, as it's from NYR then it usually is made from biodradeable plastic, did I want her to get rid of it for me? I said yes please, it she took it off me. I am not sure what she will do with it, but at least she did take it and I hope they are made from biodegradeble materials. So there you go. If you end up buying a plastic tube from NYR then you could either take it back to the shop or you could look up their website to see if it says on there was they are made of. I ended up doing what I set out to do - pass the tube back to the shop for recycling.

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