Thursday, 23 June 2011

Decluttering paper

As well as seeing how much paper comes into the house (will give results on Sunday), I am also seeing how much I have already in the house and don't need. As I am a writer it is a hell of a lot and have found that I have some I didn't know I had. I have been clearing out one of my wardrobes in readiness to move it when I have my bedroom ceiling and wall repaired (they have large cracks over them). So far I have cleared out a folder of course manuals I did 5 years ago on English and Proof Reading. I kept a couple of bits that looked interesting to read and the rest I have put for recycling. I am currently going through a box file of writing magazines and taking out anything I feel I want and interests me and recycling the rest. I have still 3 more of those to go. And I have a folder of another writing course I did a few years ago and will go through that to see if I need it or not. Getting rid of thosre will make it easier to move the wardrobe as it should make them lighter.

One other way I am getting rid of paper is when I am typing up revisions to my book and the revision sheets, which have had both sides used, are put for recycling when I have finished with them.

So that is a lot of paper put for recycling and I dread to think how many trees it made, but at least I am recycling them. I know I have still a lot of paper in the house as I have folders of info for various books I have in mind to write.

So have a look around the house and see how much paper you have and if any of it can be recycled as you don't need it. You might be surprised.

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