Saturday, 11 June 2011

Going natural - my story

It all started in 2007. In the summer of that year my mum and I went to the Simple Spa for a facial and massage and there my therapist told me that she advises her customers not to use another well-known cream because it is too harsh for the skin but to use Simple. I was pleased because I had changed from that cream to theirs. But then a few months later my mind took a different view of this as I read an article in the Daily Mirror about the different man-made chemicals in everyday toiletries and what they can do to you. Eg toothpaste and handwash. Then came the TV programme 'How toxic are you, beauty addicts?' which got 2 young women who loved their make-up showing what their toiletires can do to them and what is in them. They were shocked and were asked to use natural made products instead and I think that most of the products they would continue to use. It was this programme that really showed to me what these chemicals can do to you over the years if you use them day in day out, and esp if there are 4-5 of these in the products, which most of them do.

I then found a retail shop in Greenwich which had just opened earlier that year that sold natural made products, and went there and bought some new products to use the start of the new year. Mum decided to start her new natural regime straight away, whereas I hated to waste things so continued with my normal man-made stuff. What I had left near the end of the year I either gave away or poured down the sink and recycled the containers. I still buy things from the shop called So Organic (which I will mention properly in a later post) because the manager and her staff are very helpful and friendly.

There is one main reason I continue to use natural products and that is I have sensitive skin, esp my face with has red patched. I keep reading in health magazines that using natural products is better for sensitive skin, so feel that I am doing right.

That is my story why I started using natural made products, and would like others to do so too, esp if they have sensitive skin like me. And is one of the reasons why my third children's book is about this issue, with magic added to it of course.

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