Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dried fruit

If I see a report about eating healthily in a paper or magazine then I will mention it here and this is what I am doing now. In a report in last Friday's Mirror the headline was 'Dried fruit is as good as fresh in fighting cancer'. It says that fruits such as dates and raisins have been found to combat obesity and heart disease. I know that most dried fruits have more sugar content than either tinned or fresh but it says that people eat smaller portions of dried fruit than fresh so they still get the same benefit. So there you go. Eating dried fruit counts as your one a day, which I have been doing for a while now as I eat dried dates every day and raisins now and then. In fact I will be having some today with my dinner of chicken curry. I am pleased that it says this and that the NHS recommends eating dried fruit because I will continue to do so.

So fresh, tinned and dried all count towards your five a day. Hurrah.

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