Sunday, 26 June 2011

Paper result

So how did you go with paper this week? Here is my result. Over the week I had 7 newspapers, a few with leaflets in advertising broadband, a couple of TV magazines, old magazines from a few years ago which I had in my wardrobe (now have an empty box file), and lots of photocopy paper that I had used both sides off. Through the door we had 12 leaflets (boiler, pizza, Indian, garden and cleaning services, broadband and property people), we also had a jiffy bag with info on a Satellite TV package and I managed to strip the paper from the popping stuff and envelopes with post in. All in all it was a lot of paper and lots of trees cut down for. I am still going through what I have in my wardrobe, and next on my agenda is to go through a file of course materials and work I did some years ago to see if I really need it. Probably no, so that will go in the recycling basket. If I calculated all the leaflets that came in the letter box, it works out as one a day, and that is amazing. Might have to get a leaflet from the library to stop this happening, but whether that will work I don't know.

Next week is all about natural made products and will start on A.

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